ImageTao of Strings - Subtle Unified Theory of Everything - Since the fall of the legendary apple and the renaissance of science, we have been struggling to understand our universe.

Tao of String Theory

Under the 20th century prevailing model of particle physics (designed within the framework of Quantum Field Theory QFT) great achievements were made in understanding and quantifying three of the four major universal forces (Electromagnetism, Strong and Weak nuclear forces), Further research also was able to unify the electromagnetic and week force and show some progress in unifying the Strong Nuclear force. However the current model has failed to unify the Fourth, gravitational force, even though Einstein’s General Relativity theory described it very effectively. None of the QFT computations yield sensible results when applied to for example two gravitons, because the force between them grows to infinity.

M-Theory, previously known as string theory proposes to replace all known particle types with a single fundamental component called the “string”. The theory suggests that these open or closed strings residing in 10 dimensions vibrate at certain resonance and leaves traces in the other adjacent dimensions in forms of tubes or sheets. The strings vibration modes then represent the various particles that manifest in these dimensions. There is an interesting convergence of science and thought, which M-Theory may eventually help culminate. Initiated by Plato’s “Allegory of the Cave ” and expanded by G. Hooft in 1993 in the “holographic principle ”. Just as the men in the cave would be pondering their shadows, the shadows themselves would be pondering of themselves only confined within their limiting space-time dimensions.

M-Theory makes an eloquent assertion that our universe is the hologram of some other multidimensional “cave” and what we observe as our physical universe, and its manifesting forces, are “shadows” of the information contained in the other dimension. More specifically our four dimensional universe is the shadow on the walls of a five dimensional universe. This could explain the initial string theories multiple versions each of which was solvable with no mathematical inconsistencies. We were looking at the same shadow from different vantage point within our universe.

M-Theory shows great promise in propelling our understanding of our hologram universe, and interestingly will help reinforce some of the ancient spiritual philosophies, mainly of the Tao;

for in Tao the myriad things begin with one thing (the string), and by cultivating ourselves we can transcend the limitations of our physical universe and peer into the “Tao” the Fifth dimension, attaining enlightenment.

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