Spiritual Life Coach

Image Aram Akopyan was ordained as a spiritual life coach from the Taoist Teacher Dr. Maoshing Ni during the annual longevity retreat, September 2004.

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Sichuan Academy - China

ImageSichuan Academy - China. In October 2006, Aram Akopyan received his Doctorate after completion residency at the Sichuan Academy of TCM in Chengdu China.

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New TV Program

ImageNew TV program. dedicated to Health and Wellness, where Aram performs group guided Qi Gong exercises and dispenses health and wellness news and advice.

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Community Qi Gong Practice

Tai ChiCommunity Qi Gong practice with Aram Akopyan and his students. All are welcome to cultivate your Qi, learn how to balance your physical, mental and spiritual energies and gain immediate health benefits.

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You Tube Channel

YouTube channel is now live. These are short two minute exercise and advice programs where Aram shares his Taoist philosophies, health and wellness advice, exercise instructions and much more for your viewing pleasure.

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