Fertility Acupuncture Services

Our center specializes in services to help you build your family. We offer Fertility and Acupuncture services and work with many of the local fertility centers to provide integrative IVF/IUI services and provide herbal and acupuncture services.

Chronic Pain Management

Acupuncture is effective in treating variety of pain conditions. Including Soft tissue and arthritic conditions. We can help you manage your acute or chronic pain condition with Acupuncture, herbs, and oriental body work.

Weight Management, Detox

Glendale Cosmetic AcupunctureWe offer comprehensive integrated detox, weight management services by combining full body and auricular acupuncture, herbal chelation, foot detox, Far Infrared body wrap, lymphatic pressotherapy and ultrasonic cavitation...


I initially started seeing Aram for my back. After the first few sessions, I felt a huge difference when traditional medicine and time wasn't helping. After each visit, I felt like I just had a work out. Sometimes a little sore the evening after, but the next day, I always felt 200% better and was so thankful! This went on for a total of 12 sessions. The last 8 sessions, I was having issues with my jaw (TMJ) so we focused on that area. I felt a difference the SECOND he took the needles out. You just know that what he does is working.

He not only works on you while you're at his office, but he also suggests teas and remedies to help you when you're not at his office. He's what I would describe as holistic. He looks at the whole picture and wants to help you.

Stephanie M