Fertility Acupuncture Services

Our center specializes in services to help you build your family. We offer Fertility and Acupuncture services and work with many of the local fertility centers to provide integrative IVF/IUI services and provide herbal and acupuncture services.

Chronic Pain Management

Acupuncture is effective in treating variety of pain conditions. Including Soft tissue and arthritic conditions. We can help you manage your acute or chronic pain condition with Acupuncture, herbs, and oriental body work.

Weight Management, Detox

Glendale Cosmetic AcupunctureWe offer comprehensive integrated detox, weight management services by combining full body and auricular acupuncture, herbal chelation, foot detox, Far Infrared body wrap, lymphatic pressotherapy and ultrasonic cavitation...


Dr. Akopyan has been my doc for every little and big dis-ease I've come across in the past four years. I went to him when I first began studying TCM myself. I've been to many TCM docs and I feel the most comfortable with his techniques and his seriousness / humorous way of addresses my concerns.

If you are looking for an acupuncturist you want someone who is going to make your visit less stressful and give you results. Dr. Akopyan does just that. He has a really easy personality and makes you feel at home at his office. He spends a good deal of time with each patient, which is rare to find these days. He really listens and addresses all your concerns. Sometimes I just need to talk and get a balanced perspective, and he's open to that as well. After he examines you and asks questions he is full of knowledge, home-remedies and information to help you through your dis-ease. His acupuncture technique is very gentle and he'll make you laugh through it...:)

Talin H.